Khalid Mezaina (UAE) is an independent graphic designer, illustrator and artist. He graduated from the American University of Sharjah, UAE with a BS in Visual Communication. Khalid is inspired by comic books, music and Dubai’s ever-evolving landscape and people. His work as an artist has been exhibited both locally and internationally.

Khalid is the founder of young brand labelled krossbreed, which promises contemporary, culturally-infused designs with an unconventional flare. Khalid is an active social networker and blogger.

Khalid’s residency was part of Shopopolis, an initiative by Delfina Foundation that explores shopping centres as social spaces. Throughout June and July 2011, Khalid worked alongside fellow Emirati artist Karima al-Shomely and public works, the London-based collective of artists and architects. The final outcomes of the project were produced in Westfield London for the Mayor of London’s festival Shubbak: A Window into Contemporary Arab Culture.

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