Kamini Sawhney (India) is Curator of the Jehangir Nicholson Gallery at the CSMVS formerly the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai. The gallery opened in 2011 and in her role as curator she has helped bring to the public realm a series of exhibitions structured around the collection including a special focus on women artists – Voicing a Presence: Women Artists in the Jehangir Nicholson Collection (2012).

As part of the museum’s effort to collaborate with other institutions, Kamini put together the exhibition Mohan Samant: Paintings, in collaboration with the Samant Estate in New York (2013). The show sought to reacquaint people with one of the most complex and exciting modernists that India has produced. Taking the Line for a Walk, which she has curated this year (2014), presents an set of rarely seen works by some of the masters of Indian modernism. The exhibition turns the spotlight back on the art practice of drawing, that has been overshadowed recently by newer art practices like video, installation and performance art. Apart from exhibitions, she has organized several events, workshops and seminars conceived around these shows, to help audiences connect to the ideas presented and ensure people keep coming back to the gallery.

In her earlier role as journalist and television anchor, Kamini was the Bureau Chief of NDTV, Mumbai where she reported on her whole range of events both political and cultural. She has covered news all over India as well as overseas, as special correspondent first in Thailand and then Indonesia. Kamini has also lent her skills to a United Nations project on Artisan Development where she was sent on deputation to the project’s media team for a year.

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