19th Century Ceramic Shards from the artist's private collection.

Joshua Lue Chee Kong (Trinidad and Tobago) is an artist, researcher and collector with a focus on Caribbean narratives around colonialism and the way it has shaped the social fabric of the region. Most of his time is spent photographing and documenting endangered heritage sites and recording the stories of its inhabitants. In his last exhibition titled Paradise at Medulla Gallery, Trinidad in June 2016, he showed various sculptures based on the violent history of Trinidad and Tobago from the past, present and the future with influences drawn from afro-futurism.

Whilst at Delfina Foundation, Joshua will be dedicated to research and explore Autograph’s archives and develop a new project based on the relations between British Empire and Trinidad Tobago in the 19th century.

Joshua received a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. His works have been published in Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas, ANNO, See Me Here: A Survey of Contemporary Self-Portraits from the Caribbean, The Draconian Switch and TIME.

Residency Programme

Trans Atlantic Artist’s Residency

In partnership with

Autograph ABP


Collecting as Practice:
Season 1


Spring 2017

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