Joseph K. Kasau (DR Congo) is a visual artist, filmmaker and author who addresses the complexity of memory and identity in a post-colonial, urban context. His productions are highly attentive to social interactions, highlighting power relations and proposing alternatives for change and assembly. Stéphane Kabila (DR Congo) is a curator and researcher who starts from philosophical theories and works at the intersection of thoughts and artistic practices for an alternative knowledge production.

Joseph and Stéphane first worked together as a duo in 2021, participating in QUILOMBO, a tri-continental research and exhibition project that has to-date included a residencies at Lago Mio Lugano and Atelier Mondial Basel and an exhibition at City SALTS, Basel, Switzerland. Joseph and Stéphane are also co-founders of the collective Nidjekonnexion, which works as a support device for research, education and contemporary art creation in the city of Lubumbashi, DR Congo.

During their residency at Delfina Foundation, as part of The Politics of Food programme (autumn 2022), Joseph and Stéphane will continue the long-term research project they initiated in 2021 on the issue of green colonialism. Their starting point is the DR Congo village of Kalera, located between the two national parks of Kundelungu and Upemba. Stéphane and Joseph intend to form a collective with local actors and through a series of participatory workshops to learn from the community about practices related to water, seeds and food policy, rethinking definitions based what these terms mean to the community, in order to provide a new understanding of the complexity of environmental protection which is highly dependent on the global situation.

Joseph K. Kasau (b. 1995) is born and based in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. He holds a degree in Information and Communication Sciences from the University of Lubumbashi, with a specialisation in Performing Arts (audiovisual, cinema and theatre). Joseph is a fellow of the Prohelvetia Annual Residency in 2023 in Switzerland; Trame 2022 residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris; the Tri-continental Quilombo project (DRC – SWITZERLAND – BRAZIL) from 2021 to 2023; and The Afro Ndi Luso Residency in Zambia (2021). He was alternately Assistant Coordinator and Communication Officer of the Kidogo Kidogo Films festival (2017 – 2019), Editorial Assistant at the Lubumbashi Biennale (2019), Production Assistant at Ateliers Picha (2019 – 2021), and Artist and Researcher attached to the Waza Art Center (2020 – 2022). Joseph also works in connection with City Salts (Basel, Switzerland), Archives Books (Berlin, Germany), Museum of Tervuren (Belgium), Modzi Arts (Lusaka, Zambia), and DL Multimedia.

Kabila Kyowa Stéphane (b. 1993) is a curator and researcher based in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. He is part of the exhibition coordinator team of the Livingstone office for Contemporary Art in Livingstone (LoCA) Zambia. He is member of the Lubumbashi working group of Another Roadmap of Arts Education Africa Cluster, a network of researchers and practitioners studying collaboratively the histories, policies and possible alternative practices in arts education. He works at Waza Art Centre in projects involving library and exhibition curating, talks and critical writings. He holds a post-graduate degree in Philosophy from Lubumbashi University and is a MA student of the curatorial study programme in the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen (KMD), Norway.


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The Politics of Food:
Season 5


Autumn 2022


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