Josefin Vargö (Sweden) is a food experience designer and an independent curator based in Stockholm, Sweden. In her meal and food experiences, she designs the nature in which knowledge and emotions are exchanged between people. Often by exploring connections between the different senses, offering moments to consider diverse ways of being. She produces work for both art commissions and commercial productions. In 2013 she co-founded Underverk, a platform curating theme-based public pop-up exhibitions and events.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Josefin will explore current definitions and boundaries of place, locality and time through experimentations with fermented foods with a particular interest in grains. Taking her project Levande Arkivet as a starting point, Josefin will begin her residency by making a joint sourdough starter from the archive’s collected sourdough starters (about 80). This will then be used in a public grain workshop and discussion.

Josefin is currently working as the artistic director for the traveling exhibition What You Didn’t Know Existed showcasing Slow Food’s Ark of Taste project, that was just shown at Spritmuseum (2019) in Stockholm. Levande Arkivet was exhibited in the group show The Fab Mind: Hints of the Future in a Shifting World (2014) at 21_21 Design Sight Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Publications include 7 Common (2018), a collaborative research project by the collective Case Studios that explored artistic and critical strategies within food, culture and communities in the neighbourhoods along the 7 train, in NYC, USA (with support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee).

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The Politics of Food:
Season 4


Spring 2019

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