Jo-Lene Ong (Malaysia/Netherlands) is a curator and teacher based in Amsterdam. She is of Malaysian Hokkien heritage and got her start in the field at the intersection of social activism and art in Kuala Lumpur. Her practice engages themes of migration and relocation. She often collaborates with artistic practitioners addressing the vernacular and embodied knowledge produced by migrants and diasporas in and from Southeast Asia and East Asia.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Jo-Lene plans to continue her research on knowledge production by discussing forms of liminal knowledge embodied by migrants, diasporas, and exiles as slipping between fixed categories and transforming bordered positions. She hopes to connect with artists, academics, curators, and cultural workers based in or passing through London.

Jo-Lene teaches Theory at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Recent projects include Slippery Tongues Sliding Horizons (2022) for 5 Inclusion Tactics for 7 Curators, Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund (2020-21), Other Futures (2021), Elsewheres Within Here (2019) in Framer Framed, and Practice Space (2019) a volume on forms of radically local art initiatives published by NAME Publications and De Appel.

Jo-Lene was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, and is based inAmsterdam, the Netherlands.


Mondriaan Fund


Winter 2023




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