Jazgul Madazimova (Kyrgyzstan) is a socially engaged artist with a collaborative approach, bringing together artists, spaces, and communities. Her artistic practice revolves around exploring themes of migration and borders, stories and experiences, perspectives and gender. One of Jazgul’s primary techniques is the use of performative installations.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Jazgul intends to delve into the tradition of koshoks, one of the oldest genres of Kyrgyz oral tradition – the singing farewell songs after someone’s passing. This new endeavour allows her to explore the immersive aspect of her installations, incorporating audio tools. By drawing inspiration from her previous work, Nebula, which explores the intersection between life and death, Jazgul aims to create an audio piece that forms a collective soul through a combination of human, underwater, and celestial sounds.

Jazgul Madazimova has studied at ArtEast Contemporary Art School and earned a degree in Political Science from the American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan. Her artistic journey has been marked by participation in various group exhibitions, including: Nebula at ToBe Gallery in Bern (2023); Clouds, Power and Ornament – Roving Central Asia at the Center for Heritage, Arts & Textile in Hong Kong (2023); Chilltans hosted by Saodat Ismailova as part of her participation Documenta 15 (2022); Gems at the Museum of Modern Art (MoFA) and Fine Art Museum in Bishkek (2023); and UmmmZug at the Embassy of Germany in Kyrgyzstan (2018). In addition to her exhibitions, Jazgul has contributed drawings and a publication about Jer-Ene – a letter to Mother Earth in the book Chilltans (40 spirits, bodies, and souls), published by Davra in 2022. Jazgul is a member of Davra, an art and research collective initiated by Saodat Ismailova in 2022.

Jazgul was born and is based in Kyrgyzstan, where she lives and continues her artistic practice.


Performance as Process:
Season 5


Autumn 2023




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