Giana De Dier (Panama) in her work examines the experiences of Afro-Caribbean migrants in the segregated Canal Zone and Panama City at the beginning of the 20th century. Her work reconstructs situations from photographic archives, oral histories, family photos and documents to spark conversations around memory, identity, and representation. Giana’s collages show the sociability of Caribbean Black woman in Panama and possible narratives while highlighting the difficulties and stories of resilience of those whose experiences have historically been silenced.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, Giana plans to create a publication that will serve as a type of living archive connecting Caribbean communities and their interconnected histories in both the UK and Panama. This archive will hold space for oral stories, photos, family heirlooms, documentation and mementos that will reveal possible overlapping stories of migration and similar cultural practices between these two countries.

She studied Visual Arts at the University of Panama and has shown her work at the Salone degli Incanti and Gallerie delle Prigioni in Italy, the Art Gallery of the IDB Employees Association in Washington, SMV Gallery in New York, Allegro Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama, and participated in the 58th Carnegie International at the Carnegie Museum of Art.


Contemporary Art Museum of Panama (MAC Panamá)

With support from

Embassy of Panama in the United Kingdom, Ministry of Culture of Panama, Katherine Francey Stables, Princess Angela von und zu Liechtenstein and Delfina Foundation’s Network of Latin America & the Caribbean Patrons

Artist’s website



Summer 2023


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