Genietta Varsi Lari (Peru) works with and around the human body – using medical, chemical, electronic and anthropological tools to investigate and question the models imposed by power structures. The raw materials which she works with are human remains and fluids: bones, hair, nails, urine, blood, saliva, tears, milk, semen, etc. Her work consists of the manipulation of the body and human behaviours through different methodologies and results; among them sculpture, installation, sound, poetry, video and performance.

While in-residence at Delfina Foundation, Genietta plans to develop a project about the predominance of the sight in Western society, both in daily life and in art. This builds on her current exploration of methods that play with sense’s hierarchy (smell, touch, taste and hearing), trying to locate vision in the last or no place.

Genietta holds a BFA with a major in Sculpture from Pontificia Universidad Católica, Peru. She did two residencies in 2018 at Uberbau_House, Sao Paulo and Molten Capital, Museum of Contemporary Art – Quinta Normal, Santiago de Chile.

She has had three solo exhibitions in Lima, Peru: El dedo pulgar es el que ejecuta (The thumb is the one that executes), 2018, Galería Ginsberg; Pulsos y pulsiones (Pulse and impulse), 2016, Galería Rottenslat; and Diagnósticode Corporeidad Reprimida (Diagnosis of Repressed Corporeity), Galería Rottenslat. She has also been part of group exhibitions in Chile, the Czech Republic, and Argentina.

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