Gary Zhexi Zhang (UK associate) is an artist interested in the co-evolution of knowledge systems and technical systems, along with the politics and desires that shape their pursuit. Currently his interests revolve around conceptions of ecology, informal economies and the history of the commons. Gary is part of the collaborative studio Foreign Objects, and writes about art and technology.

As a UK Associate during Delfina’s autumn 2019 season Gary intends to develop a body of work based on an existing research project he has been engaged with, mostly in writing, over the last year. Beginning with minor histories of the World Wide Web, it explores the aesthetics of decentralisation and the utility of software as social fiction.

Recent presentations and exhibitions include, Cross-feed at Glasgow International in 2018,, and The Internet as a City at the Decentralized Web Summit, in collaboration with Foreign Objects.

Gary is a regular contributor to Frieze and has contributed essays to Steve Bishop, Deliquescing (Sternberg Press, 2019) and Resisting Reduction (MIT Press, 2019, forthcoming). Gary holds a master’s degree from the ACT Program at MIT (2019).


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Autumn 2019

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