Gailė Griciūtė (Lithuania) in her practice explores sound art as a practice of otherness. She is examining the hearing process (physically, philosophically, psychologically and culturally) and zooming into the problematics of perception. Gaile is exploring the fluidity of sound, its ability to always transform, adapt, change, to be in relation with the environment. She is interested in the way of being that connects and is in constant change, adapting and reflecting as an alternative to clear definition and separation. The fluid way of being as otherness, a different way of relation.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation Gailė will be investigating further her interest in different communities of musically trained and amateur musicians, sport and religious groups, situations where humans use sound as a tool to diminish the separation from one to the other. With the help of Delfina Foundation she will be in contact with deaf communities in London exchanging the knowledge of how sound can be perceived, focusing on mental processes, the different bodily experiences, vibrations and imagination.

Gailė Griciūtė is a composer and sound artist. Since year 2022 she is PhD student at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her research topic is “Sound Art As A Practice of Otherness”, supervisor Peter Ablinger. She graduated from the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki, Finland and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, also studied as a guest student at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Gailė is a member of performance collective Eye Gymnastics (Viktorija Damerell and Gaile Griciute). Their works have been shown at various festivals in Lithuania and Germany. Some of the festivals and concert series where Gailė Griciūtė’s sound and art projects were presented: Ahead, Jauna muzika, Soundscape, NOA, Estonia, Gaida, Vilnius Performance Biennial (Lithuania), Couterflows (UK), Sound Art Festival (Kaliningrad), Unsound (Krakow), Labor Sonor (Berlin), Atmospherics (Haus Der Kunst, Munich) and O! contemporary opera festival in Rotterdam.

With support from

Lithuanian Culture Institute


Winter 2024

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