Gabriel Rodriguez Pellecer (Guatemala) considers his body as a somatic canvas on which a variety of phenomena and energies can manifest. Because of tectonic, volcanic, organic, political, and geological processes, the earth provides energy. He sees myths and storytelling, as “technologies” that could be used to rewrite identities and is interested in challenging the ways that Western thought encroaches on other cosmogonies through his artistic, curatorial, research, and teaching efforts.

During his residency at Delfina Foundation, Gabriel will be researching in various video archives in London for footage from Central America and considering the historical uses and implications of such material to build an archive. The research conducted during Gabriel’s residency will in part inform a commissioned outcome with MAC Panamá in late 2023/early 2024.

During the summer of 2022, Gabriel participated in a programme called Materia Abierta in southern Mexico City, focusing on pre-modern technologies.

Gabriel was born as is based in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

In partnership with

Contemporary Art Museum of Panama (MAC Panamá)


Summer 2023

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