Dicle Beştaş (Turkey) is a curator with a particular interest in collective and socially engaged practices in contemporary art. Her curatorial process is a type of working with other people that allows for a temporary space of cooperation, coproduction, and discursivity to emerge in the process of doing and speaking together.

As a programmer of a non-profit art space, Loading (Diyarbakir), Dicle will be visiting artist-run spaces in London, and will be exploring the possibilities of their common grounds. Dicle has previously collaborated with researchers based in London and through her residency she intends to continue these collaborations and have walking workshops focusing on alternative maps of the city.

Forming a multilayered common discursive space plays a central role in Dicle’s curatorial practice. Through a series of reading groups, audience engagement and gatherings, she is interested in challenging the conventional understanding of exhibition making. In this sense, paracuratorial is a useful term to describe transitional temporal processes of engagement over the idea of exhibition as a final product. As an architect, she is interested in creating spatial choreographies and shared discursive spaces with exhibitions. Dicle Beştaş recently curated the exhibition Together and Solo accompanied by Diyarbakır Peşrevi (2019) together with Misal Adnan Yıldız. She also curated Second Edition accompanied by Diyarbekiri Hokin (2020) from A4 Diyarbakır to Depo Istanbul in a new installation with Yıldız. The same year, she curated the group exhibition and public programmes Collective Works (2020) at A4 Open Art Space in Diyarbakır. The most recent exhibition she has curated is titled Scraping the Crust (2021) at Loading Art Space. She gave a public presentation about the para-curatorial approach, institutions, and hacking traditional means of communication, as part of the symposium programme of the 6th Ural Biennial. She co-curated the film program The Places We Pass By (2022) together with curator Didem Yazıcı. Currently she is working with curator Başak Şenova on an exhibition focusing on archival studies to take place in 2022. Now as a tandem of the German-Turkish co-production grants, Dicle Beştaş is a resident at the Tarabya Cultural Academy from February to June 2022.

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