Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne (Long Live New Flesh), video-art and performance project in the curatorial gallery (experiencia) HIEDRA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016.

Daniela Ruiz Moreno (Argentina) is a cultural manager and researcher based in Buenos Aires and working internationally.

During her joint residency with Delfina Foundation and Tate, Daniela will investigate potential models by which Tate Exchange could increase its international partnerships and will build on a programme of live enquiry that actively questions its activities and processes.

Daniela received a Bachelor Degree in Art Theory and History from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Since 2013, as a coordinator of the Artists-in-Residence International Programme at ‘ace Foundation, she has been producing a wide variety of art projects and managing international partnerships to allow artistic exchange.

She has managed art galleries in Uruguay and Argentina, produced video-art and sound-art projects in different cultural centers and public areas in Buenos Aires and conducted related workshops with the Augusto and León Ferrari Foundation. In 2015 she was invited by the British Council to be part of the Momentum Visual Arts Delegation in representation of Argentina.

Daniela was invited as a resident researcher at the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, in Shenzhen, China. In recent years her research has focused on artistic practices that reuse discarded technological material, attended seminars on “Digital Materiality” at the Universität der Kunste, Berlin, Germany and taught a related course in the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

In 2017, Daniela received a grant from the Argentinian Endowment for the Arts to develop a research residency in Demolición/Construcción, Córdoba, Argentina.

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The Brooks International Fellowship Programme

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Winter 2019 & Spring 2019


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