Daniel de la Barra (Peru/Spain) in his practice explores the reconstruction of narratives within the hierarchical imposition of powers of domination, highlighting power structures and extractivist valorisation for which nature is a useful object. His projects explore the transition and construction of narrative from the instrumentalised landscape of romantic painting to remote sensing satellite images and new digital models of vigilance. Through paintings, videos and drawings, Daniel’s work proposes a dismantling of the structures inherited from modernity which are still in force today within cultural imaginaries.

During his residency at Delfina Foundation, Daniel will investigate the representation of the romantic landscape in England during the 18th and 19th centuries, which served as a model for the colonising processes and the exoticisation of the rural, inserting the plural matrix of colonial capitalism that establishes the logics of centre/periphery power; North South.

During 2022, Daniel has been resident artist at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Italy), where he developed his research on anti-landscapes. He has presented his individual exhibitions at the Joan Prats Gallery (Barcelona) where he received the Collezione Taurisano Award for the best exhibition, Ginsberg (Peru) and at the Central Museum of Lima as part of the exhibition of finalists of the XII National Painting Prize. He has also made a solo show at Focus Section on  Frieze London and has been the winner of the Fundación Miró and Casa Velazquez 2022 award.

In 2021 he developed the project This is not a landscape. Episode II at Homesession as part of its INVITED program and received the Young Art Award from Catalonia (Sala d’Art Jove) for completing the same project in collaboration with the contemporary art centre Lo Pati (Amposta) and La Panera (Lleida). He also completed a residency at La Fabrique (French Alliance of Lima, Peru). In 2020 he was selected as a resident artist at Homesession (Barcelona) where he developed his project This is not a landscape. He exhibited Desired Landscapes at Arts Santa Mónica, Considerations of the Modern City at La Bienal de Amposta (Lo Pati Center d’Art) and his project Subversion: Inhabiting Ruins at El Born CCM (Barcelona).

Daniel was born in Peru and is based between Lima and Madrid.


Artus Peru


Winter 2023




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