Dagna Jakubowska has a performative practice that investigates the politics of food sharing rituals and food-related processes. In her recent performances the kitchen becomes a space for debate and reflection on politics, economy, history, migration, and ethics related to domestic work, offering counter-tastes to the symbolic conflicts and traumas of Central Eastern Europe. Through her practice she poses a question on how artistic strategies can contribute to the development of reflection on issues related to migration, the political dimension of gastronomy, the visibility of domestic work, and recognition of the domestic sphere as a space of labour.

Her curated project Kitchen Politics was an interdisciplinary festival that brought together the aspects of her practice around food and politics. Part of this dealt with disaster by thinking about the political decisions that cause war, economic disasters or artificial famine, and this forms the basis of her current project development. While at Delfina, Dagna researched the culinary fantasies of decision-makers in times of crisis, investigating the power of food and food-sharing rituals in politics. For this, she examed forgotten recipes, reconstructing dishes that were desired and consumed in times of political catastrophes.


The Politics of Food:
Season 2


Spring 2015


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