Chuan-Lun Wu (Taiwan/Germany) has a practice in which the ever-changing, compromises and contradictions informing the relations between nature and civilisation, between ecology and politics, as well as between materials and digital means form its general background. Collecting is a regular gesture contributing to his projects. He sees his works and methods as a lubricant between the collections and the public, leading viewers to perceive the mindset and scheme of the human and natural world.

During his residency at Delfina, Chuan-Lun will be examining the zoology collection of the Natural History Museum. By approaching the mystery of oviposition and the topology of shell type, he hopes to refine the coherent structure of the things of the world, scaled from “.obj” to the “age of Anthropocene”.

Chuan-Lun’s most recent solo exhibition was No Country for Canine (2019) at Taipei Fine Arts Museum. His works have been shown at Rockbund Art Museum (2019), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (2017), OCI Museum (2017), Gwangju Museum of Art (2016) and Shanghai MOCA (2016). They were also featured in the Taiwan Biennial (2020) and the Taipei Biennial (2014).

He has been nominated as a Finalist for the Taishin Arts Award (2020) and won the select Prize of Kaohsiung Arts Award (2011) and Taipei Arts Award (2007). His works are included in the collections of Taipei Fine Arts Museum and National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

Chuan-Lun Wu, born in Taiwan, currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and Tainan, Taiwan.

With support from

Ministry of Culture, Taiwan (ROC)

and additional support from

Delfina Foundation’s Network of Asia-Pacific Patrons

Residency season

Summer 2021

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