VQR Vassiviere Affinage, 2013. Photo: Chris Fite-Wassilak.

Chris Fite-Wassilak (UK) is a writer, art critic and curator, a regular contributor to Frieze, Art Review, Art Monthly and Art Papers. Projects include the ongoing quarterly event series ‘hmn’, co-organised with Anne Tallentire; a short book of new essays, Ha-Ha Crystal, will be published by Copy Press later this year.

For some time, Chris has been writing and researching about cheese production, informed by conceptual interests alongside his work for over a decade as a cheesemonger. As a UK Associate, Chris will continue to develop his current project: a long-form essay that examines the politics and choices of food through several specific meals. This will provide a basis from which to consider the narratives and fantasies that both individuals and companies project onto food.

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