Chaong-Wen Ting 丁昶文 (Taiwan) incorporates in his work mixed media, including sound and image installations, with his works often engaging with fragments from a bygone era. The artist employs an archaeological approach to traverse the past along a line separating fact from fiction, developing novel connections with an innate logic while establishing novel connections between historical events. Chaong-Wen explores the significance of cultural collective memory across borders, finding innovative and surprising ways to demonstrate its relevance to society.

During his residency at the Delfina Foundation, Chaong-Wen will explore the connections between immigrant artist communities and museum collections, search for archival records of British naturalists who traveled between Taiwan and the United Kingdom during the 19th century, and reexamine the importance of island resilience in a changing global environment. This field research will serve as the basis for his other long-term research project entitled “No Island is an Island”.

Chaong-Wen was awarded Taoyuan International Art Award Grand Prize in 2021. His artworks have been exhibited globally, including: Repeat Itself, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2021); Narrow Gap, Bauhaus Museum Weimar, Weimar (2020); Asian Art Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (2019); HIGH TIDE 17 FREMANTLE BIENNALE, Artsource, Fremantle (2017); NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2017, Former Hirozakari Brewery, Japan (2017); Citation From Craft, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (2017); Taipei Biennial 2016, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei (2016). Chaong-Wen’s works are part of the collection of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

Chaong-Wen Ting was born and lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Ministry of Culture, Taiwan (ROC)


Spring 2024




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