Bijan Moosavi (Iran/UK) is a Muslim entrepreneur and an Islamic Futurist. His multi-media work examines the implications of neoliberalism in the Middle East. In his video, music, performance and design works, he draws on the aesthetics of sci-fi movies, television news, commercial music, YouTube documentaries and the Islamic kitsch in order to create speculative fictional situations and scenarios from the future in which issues related to the Middle Eastern patriarchy, commodification of Islam, the ‘post-truth’ condition, and Iran’s environmental time bomb are explored.

During his residency at Delfina Foundation and as part of an ongoing ‘Future-Islam’ project, Bijan will be researching and developing an idea of ‘Disco Islam’ which looks at the impact of the expansion of neoliberalism in Iran, through the prism of an Iranian night club from the future.

Bijan holds a BA in Visual Communication from Tehran’s Islamic Azad University and a MA in Audio Post Production from Leeds Metropolitan University. He has presented his work at Bonhams, London (2018), Pejman Foundation’s The Room, Tehran (2018), The Art House, Wakefield (2017), OTO Project Space, London (2016), Lewisham Arthouse, London (2015), Chelsea College of Arts, London (2015), Royal College of Art, London (2013), SOAS University of London (2012), Mohsen Art Gallery, Tehran (2010), Sazmanab Project, Tehran (2010) and Azad Art Gallery, Tehran (2010). He was also selected as a finalist for the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize in 2013 and 2018.

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