Beth Kettel (UK associate – writer-in-residence), expanding from an experimental writing practice, makes work that encompasses text, costume, sound, video and performance. She is interested in language and meaning-making through all five semiotic systems: linguistic, visual, aural, gestural and spatial. She is also interested in alternative forms of communication between living organisms; translations of interior and exterior experience; and the interrelationships between species & environment and the mental health of humans, plants and animals. Beth’s work layers and interconnects disparate ideas spanning philosophy, psychology, ecology and personal experience.

As a UK associate and writer-in-residence for Delfina Foundation’s programme The Politics of Food programme in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary, Beth will explore ideas of land formation with the continual reshaping of spatial patterns from environmental data related to topography and mapping with the continual reshaping of meaning in narrative. She will work on an experimental text linking ideas around: interrelationships; human, organism and environmental communication and defence strategies; consciousness; repression in both earthly elements and human emotion; the idea of gut ghosts, as residing physical pain of psychological trauma and the ghosts of ingested trauma-ridden farmed plants and animals; perception and the senses across life forms.

Recent commissions include: Baseline Drift, a performance part of Art Night, London; A Mutual Influence, Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales; Art & Screen Network, ICA, London. Selected solo exhibitions & events include: Phoenix, Leicester; Godisfabriken, Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Sweden; THE END, TACO, London; Eastside Projects, Birmingham; MANTEL, Copperfield Gallery, London; Two Queens, Leicester; Tŷ Pawb, Wrexham; Full English, curated by Dateagle, London; Cob Gallery, London; Caustic Coastal, Manchester; Jerwood Space, London. Beth was recently nominated for Kleinwort Hambros Emerging Artist Prize and has featured in print and online publications such as Contemporary Art Society – Artist To Watch, This Is Tomorrow, Mousse Magazine and Dazed Digital. Beth has delivered artist talks, lectures and workshops around the UK and Internationally, including: Non-Space, Aarhus; Camberwell UCA; Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL; Field of Streams, Brecon Beacons; Sheffield Hallam; and Nottingham NTU.

Beth is based in Nottingham, UK. 

In partnership with

Nottingham Contemporary, as part of Emergency & Emergence

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