Berkay Tuncay (Turkey/The Netherlands) has a practice based on investigating the multi-layered effects of the internet on society and the human psyche. He examines the intersection points of internet culture, archaeology, psychology and language. He copies, combines and transforms images, texts and memes that are circulating online into offline prints, videos, poetry books and installations.

During his residency at Delfina Foundation, Berkay plans use the time to focus on the evolution of language, communication tools and cultural heritage departing from the ‘Unfinished Obelisk’ in Aswan, Egypt. He intends to seek answers to questions such as: If this unfinished obelisk was erected today, what kind of message would it convey; and how can we establish a relationship between hieroglyphs and emojis?

Berkay Tuncay received his undergraduate education at Istanbul University, Department of Archeological Restoration and Conservation. He completed his master’s degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Computer Aided Art & Design. Berkay has taken part in many international group exhibitions and presented his works on online culture in diverse forms. Solo exhibitions include: Human, how strange, so vulgar, such a masterpiece and yet so primitive, Sanatorium, Istanbul (2020); Getting Away With It All Messed Up, Display, Berlin, (2018); Life Is What Happens To You While You Are Busy Watching Cute Cat Videos, Gaia Gallery, Istanbul (2016); WE ARE ACCIDENTS WAITING TO HAPPEN, 49A, İzmir (2013); and I’M SORRY, BECAUSE I DANCE, De Kijkdoos, Amsterdam (2011). He has participated in several artist residency programmes, including: Jan van Eyck Academie (2021-2022); GastatelierNRW, Düsseldorf (2018); Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2014) and ArtCenter, Istanbul (2011-2013).

Berkay Tuncay was born (1983) in Istanbul, Turkey, and is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.




Spring 2023




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