Aseng Borang (India) is a dance practitioner, choreographer and writer with a practice that involves objects, landscape, performative text, yoga, pole dance and contemporary movement techniques. Her embodied practice is informed by the continuing existence of the politics around her radicalised female body. As a choreographer, her works investigate the physical and the subjective body within the constellation of resistance, vulnerability, violence and anarchy. The creation of codified spaces in which the objective bodies perform, view and experience the space as another set of reality is a choreographic pursuit in her practice. As a dance practitioner, she wishes to challenges the popular notions of meaning makings in/of ‘dance’ and cinema, hegemonic structures present in the systems of dance, what is performance in the current times and how performance is read today.

During her residency at Delfina Foundation, as part of Performance as Process, Aseng will explore the question, “what does a piece of land signify?” through her project Senga and her collection of bodies. She will be considering how the legal penetrates the discussion of land, through the lens of gender, family, and the community.

Aseng won the Prakriti Excellence Contemporary Dance Award 2018 (PECDA) organised by Prakriti Foundation for her work-­in-progress, Erosion of Tangko. In 2019, she participated in CAMPING, Paris, France through lnstitut Francais India and received the Residency Travel Grant (Performing Arts – Choreography 2019-20) from Serendipity Arts Foundation. She also participated and presented her work-in-progress Terms and Conditions apply in the Tanzplan Dance Education Biennale, Kampnagel 2020 in Hamburg, Germany. Aseng has completed her Master’s degree in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi. Recently, in November 2021 she founded STUDIO YINGKO in her hometown, Roing, Arunachal Pradesh, an organisation that endeavours to include the local communities in movement-making and dance-making processes.


Charles Wallace India Trust, Emami Art, and Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation


Performance as Process:
Season 5

Supported by M Art Foundation


Autumn 2023




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