Annalee Levin (UK associate) is a visual artist, trained chef, and co-owner of a family-run pub in Somerset. Her most recent body of work employs captured carbon as an art medium, investigating the carbon cycle and how recycled carbon can be positively incorporated into local circular economies.

As a UK associate at Delfina Foundation as part of The Politics of Food programme in Autumn 2022, Annalee will be researching traditional beer and alcohol production along with zero waste cooking practices – in both traditional cuisines and contemporary fine dining. With this research she will be developing the design for a zero waste, carbon negative brewery, incorporating a biochar kiln as an energy source, an interconnected greenhouse and food production system, and an algae tank for consuming excess CO2.

Annalee holds a BA from Macalester College, an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has studied traditional hand embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework. She was the first artist-in-residence of Oco/Carbon Upcycling Technologies, a company in Canada that creates materials out of upcycled CO2 emissions. As a part of her residency she founded Captured Carbon Studio. Her captured carbon artwork and products can be seen at the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre and her Captured Carbon Crayons were on display in Our Future Planet, an exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Annalee has recently relocated from San Francisco, California to Huish Episcopi, Somerset where she is helping to run a heritage, Grade II listed pub which has been in her husband’s family for over 150 years. Building on research from her time at Delfina, she plans to work with her family to decarbonise the business and incorporate zero waste practices into their bar and kitchen.


Gaia Art Foundation


The Politics of Food:
Season 5


Autumn 2022




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