Álvaro Ugarte is in residence as part of Delfina Foundation’s thematic programme Performance as Process.

Álvaro is an artist from Guadalajara, who lives and works in Mexico City. He works primarily with performance art, constructing unusual situations and creating subtle artworks that are almost non-existent to the observer. He seeks to create a long lasting and unsettling effect on audiences through performative interventions that may be visible for fleeting moments. In his current research, Álvaro is exploring the concept and use of magic, with a particular focus on supernatural occurrences that have permeated culture throughout time.

Álvaro has participated in several exhibitions in Mexico and abroad such as the Finnish art fair Performanssi 2011 in their edition Performance Voyage that was presented in several cities around Europe; Tinitus y Fosfenos de lo Sonoro a lo Visual, 2013 curated by Carlos Ashida and Giovanna Ibarra at Museo de Arte de Zapopan MAZ. Zapopan, Jalisco. He is also part of art collective La Favorita Colectivo with Alberto L. Corcuera and Zazil Barba and one of the co-founders of Salón ACME, an annual art salon (Mexico City).

Past residencies include Estudio Extendido issued by Casa Vecina (Mexico City) where he and Zazil Barba carried out the performance project We all want to be rockstars.

Residency is part of

Year of Mexico in the UK 2015

With support from

Arts Council England


Performance as Process:
Season 1


Winter 2015

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