Versia Harris, 'They say you can dream a thing more than once.' Installation view from the exhibition 'This Quagmire', curated by Punch Creative Arena.

Allison Thompson (Barbados) is an art historian and curator living in Barbados. She is currently the head of the Centre for the Visual and Performing Arts at the Barbados Community College where she teaches courses in modern and contemporary art of the Caribbean, Africa and the African diaspora. She is co-director with Ewan Atkinson of PUNCH Creative Arena, an initiative for creative action in Barbados.

Allison has worked with a number of cultural organisations in the Caribbean including the Barbados National Art Gallery Committee, ICOM Barbados, and is the founding president of AICA Southern Caribbean, a regional chapter of the International Art Critics Association. She has worked with the Black Diaspora Visual Arts project since 2007, organising a series of symposiums and exhibitions aimed at creating greater visibility for Caribbean art and developing stronger and sustainable working relationships throughout the diaspora.

Allison is co-author of the book Art in Barbados: What kind of mirror image and co-edited Curating in the Caribbean with contributions from nine curators, writers and artists working in the region.

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