Alina Gutkina, from the series, I AM, 2010. Photograph. Courtesy Gazprombank Collection.

Alina Gutkina (Russia) is a Moscow-based artist focused on the ‘radical youth’ of Russia’s suburbs. Her main interest lies in the theme of ‘identity search’ among the generation born as the Soviet Union fell apart. In 2013, Alina created VASYA RUN, a laboratory of self-knowledge where she works with a team of young male guys aged 16 to 26 years, exploring optimal forms of existence and concepts such as school, theatre, temple, and residence.

At Delfina Foundation, Alina will collaborate with a young group of male people in London, applying the similar methods of daily training, trips, practices of mental exercises to open up creation processes.

With support from

Dilyara Allakhverdova


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