Alice Shintani, menas, 2017. Installation preview, Marcelo Guarnieri Gallery, Sao Paulo, 2017. Courtesy: the artist.

Alice Shintani (Brazil) works from an expanded idea of painting as starting point to imagine forms of approaching to the emancipated other and to reflect on the possibilities of aesthetic experience: how it is constructed; where and how we can access it in order to dislocate something? Defending the idea that such experience exists beyond the established art system, Shintani transits between different contexts – from art gallery to the warehouse of neighbourhood market, from the home kitchen to the sidewalk of a public square – interested in diminishing the distances and meanings between poetic and political gestures.

While at Delfina Foundation, Alice will be working on a new aesthetic grammar through research on Persian cultural heritage from British perspectives and its potential crossings with some Brazilian and Japanese post-colonial issues, especially in the field of art.

Alice is granddaughter of Japanese immigrants, graduated in Computer Engineering at University of Campinas in 1993 and was an active mountaineering and rock climbing practitioner before moving to arts in the early 2000s. Her practice has been shown in major Brazilian museums, institutes and galleries as well as shared in streets, public spaces and social networks.

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