Alexandros Diogenous (Cyprus) has been collecting contemporary art for 25 years. The collection which is strongly focused on drawing, painting with some sculpture, has been assembled without an overarching thematic or material framework. The works in the collection are by majority figurative while in terms of subject matter, they carry socio-political commentary, themes of history and mythology, influences from surrealism and sensual/erotic imagery.

Alexandros has recently set up a non-profit organisation, Pylon Art & Culture, whose mission is to make contemporary art accessible and relevant to more people. During his residency at Delfina Foundation, Alexandros is looking to explore innovative ways of achieving this aim including but not limited to taking art out to where people already live and interact (including the virtual space), engaging communities and funding through innovative mechanisms which themselves further the goal of making art accessible.

Alexandros studied engineering, management and finance at Cambridge University and London Business School and is an entrepreneur with operations and holdings in a variety of sectors including mobility products and services, digital technology and fast moving consumer goods.


Part of Collecting as Practice


Residency season

Winter 2023


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