Ala Younis (Kuwait/Jordan) in her practice investigates the political, intellectual and social narratives of the Middle East from a deeply feminist perspective. With great generosity, Younis offers a personal point of entry into the present realities of region thought recent history and personal record. Ala has also worked for some years as a curator, recently organising projects in Amman, Paris and London. Her practices as an artist and curator find complementary ground in the production of publications, which offer both a platform for discursive exploration and a point of departure for artistic investigations. Ala’s work poses big questions in response to discrete situations, recalling a larger set of truths evidenced in the world we have inherited.

Ala’s projects are research-based sociopolitical investigations, deeply explored in concurrence with personal experience. Through art, film and publication projects, Ala unfolds the conditions under which collective historical and political collapses can become personal ones.

Born in 1974, Ala Younis has exhibited internationally, including the The Ungovernables (2nd New Museum Triennial, USA), Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial, Turkey), Darat Al Funun (Jordan), The Jerusalem Show (Al Ma’mal Foundation, Palestine) and at the Townhouse Gallery (Egypt). She currently lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

Ala was the first Accented resident through a network partnership including Platform Garanti CAC (Istanbul, Turkey), Vector Association (Iasi, Romania), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut, Lebanon), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt), Delfina Foundation (London, UK) and Spike Island (Bristol, UK).

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