Ahmad Angawi (Saudi Arabia) is a multidisciplinary creative. Being of Meccan roots, Angawi is inspired by the rich diversity of the culture of Hejaz, the western region of Saudi Arabia. His work revolves around the human condition while also paying homage to culture, heritage and environment. Influenced by his Father, Architect Dr. Sami Angawi, he has adopted the concept of ‘Al Mizan’, a belief in the fundamental principle of balance. For Ahmad, his constant pursuit of equilibrium in both design and its application is an attempt to bring balance to the human state of mind.

During his residency Ahmad will continue his work on Flow, an installation made of coloured liquids and PVC tubes.

Ahmad holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in New York and a master’s degree in Traditional Arts from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London.

With support from

Delfina Foundation’s family of supporters and those who wish to remain anonymous.


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