Agnes Cameron (UK associate) is an artist and engineer whose work explores complex systems using agent-based models. She often works as a technical collaborator with artists, performers, students and researchers, with a particular interest in open data and simulation projects. In recent years, her work has come to focus on collaborative and distributed knowledge systems, and the (mis)use and adaptation of web infrastructure.

As a UK associate at Delfina Foundation as part of The Politics of Food programme in Autumn 2022, Agnes will develop a new project exploring British food policy, and the impact of legal and trade agreements on what and how we eat. Based on her work with open data and ontology design processes, she will be looking particularly at the role of bureaucratic systems and research institutes in shaping our food systems.

Agnes works with the Knowledge Futures Group, developing tools for open data curation and sharing, is a resident artist at Somerset House Studios, a part time specialist technican at UAL’s Creative Computing Institute and 25% of the research studio Foreign Objects. Her work has been shown at institutions including Akademie Schloss Solitude, Printed Matter, Rhizome, Bloc Projects, New York Live Arts, and the Internet Archive.

Agnes was born in Brighton, UK, and is currently based in London, where she has lived since 2020.


Gaia Art Foundation


The Politics of Food:
Season 5


Autumn 2022




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