Foundation to be the educational partner on the public programme of events for Points of Departure.

Delfina Foundation is happy to announce that Caspian Arts Foundation will be the educational partner on the public programme of events for Points of Departure, a group exhibition produced with ArtSchool Palestine, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the British Council.

Caspian Arts Foundation (UK charity registration no. 1142243) was launched in 2011 and is a not-for-profit arts and education organisation. The Foundation’s main objective is to support young aspiring artists from across the Middle East, Greater Middle East and North Africa in their post graduate studies in fine art, film, photography and fashion at University of the Arts London. Following a set of criteria, scholarships are awarded and based on the student’s financial need as well as identifying their talent, potential and capability. Caspian Arts Foundation’s first recipient was Bisan Abu Eisheh, a former Delfina Foundation resident artist.

The Foundation is also committed to supporting specific projects and exhibitions in the UK that promote and enhance cultural exchanges between the UK and the Middle East. As well as creating platforms where cross-cultural and constructive dialogue can take place, addressing issues such as national identity, cultural integration through the arts and the importance of education in the arts and how art schools have a greater role to play in our communities.

Caspian Arts Foundation is supporting a series of events around Points of Departure, which will include curatorial tours in Arabic and English, film screenings, talks and debates. More information on the events will be announced shortly.


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