Acclaimed Kurdish/Turkish artist to create site-specific work at Tate.

Artist Ahmet Öğüt, of Turkish-Kurdish background, has been awarded a project-based residency in London at Delfina Foundation in partnership with Tate Learning.

Ahmet will travel to London three times over the course of a year, with each visit lasting six weeks. During his time in London, Ahmet will work with the Curator of Community and Access to develop a project in collaboration with a selected community group. As part of his residency Ahmet will also participate in events organised through Tate’s Adult Programmes.

The residency commences in February 2012 and concludes in December 2012. The final phase of this residency includes a public event at Tate. Ahmet will also participate in Delfina Foundation’s public programmes throughout the course of the residency, including an exhibition 20 June – 20 July 2012.

Working with a broad range of media including video, photography, installation, drawing and printed media, Ahmet’s practice incorporates interventions inspired by social and political realities of everyday life and recent history. The artist previously represented Turkey at the 53rd Venice Biennial (2009) and current exhibitions include (Untitled), 12th Istanbul Biennial and Rewriting Worlds, 4th Moscow Biennial. Collaboration and public engagement are important aspects of Ahmet’s practice, and this residency will be an opportunity to further hone these through Tate’s innovative Learning programmes. Together with the Tate Learning team, Ahmet will develop a collaborative, critically framed project aiming to address key questions and concerns that emerge through dialogue with a specific audience group.