Artist to present work developed during her Politics of Food residency at Delfina.

Courtesy: Asunción Molinos Gordo

We are delighted to announce that former resident Asunción Molinos Gordo opens her first solo exhibition Hunger, a man-made object at Travesia Cuatro on Tuesday, 10/06/14. The exhibition presents work developed from her participation in The Politics of Food. This exhibition will be complemented with a talk at Casa Árabe on 12 June.

Hunger, a man-made object reflects on the financial aspect of food trade, dealing with its possible impact on food insecurity and hunger.

Molinos studied David Harvey’s concept Accumulation by dispossession which elaborates on how the centralization of wealth and power in the hands of a few is caused by dispossessing the public of their wealth or land.

12/06/14, 19:00
Talk by Asunción Molinos at Casa Árabe, Madrid

Casa Árabe, the gallery Travesía Cuatro, and Delfina Foundation are delighted to invite you to the presentation of Asunción Molinos Gordo’s Project WAM (World Agriculture Museum).  The artist will be introduced by Silvia Ortiz, Director of the gallery Travesía Cuatro and Nuria Medina, Coordinator of Cultural Programmes at Casa Árabe.

WAM (World Agriculture Museum) was developed during the artist’s stay in Egypt, where she is partially based since 2010. Inspired by the eclectic Agricultural Museum of Cairo, and inhabiting an old Downtown Cairo flat, Molinos recreated the atmosphere and the old museum’s aesthetics to present contemporary discourses on food sovereignty, food security and the use of biotechnology.

During the presentation, Molinos will talk about the different stages in her creative process, from her five-month field research on Egyptian agriculture to the final exhibition, while touching on the production and installation of the work, which coincided with the beginning of the revolution in Egypt.

In addition, Molinos will also talk briefly about the work she developed during her residency at Delfina Foundation in London within the framework of The Politics of Food thematic residency programme. The result of this last research forms part of the exhibition at Travesía Cuatro within the framework of PhotoEspaña 2014.

Asunción Molinos Gordo’s work focuses on food and agriculture’s socio-cultural implications.  She employs photography, video, installation and other media to explore the rural sphere and issues of peasantry from a trans-national approach. Her projects have been shown in Europe and Middle East at venues including Darat Al Funun, The Townhouse Gallery, La Casa Encendida, Museo Patio Herreriano, CAB, La Fábrica and Arnolfini Art Centre. She currently lives and works between Cairo, Muscat and her hometown in Spain, Guzmán.