Art Dubai Projects features new site-specific works by current A.i.R Dubai residents Joe NamyDina Danish and Yudi Noor in addition to former residents Ahmet Ögüt and Hind bin Demaithan.

Alongside presentations of the outcomes of A.i.R Dubai, two panel discussions will be held with the artists on 16/3/2013 at 15:00 as part of Sikka Art Fair and on 23/3/2013 at 15:00 at Art Dubai’s Global Art Forum tent.


Ahmet Ögüt
Intern VIP lounge will be an exclusive space for all the unpaid interns working at the art fair. Only these volunteers, after registering at the Intern VIP Lounge‘s information desk, will be able to access the lounge – an exclusive space that not only provides a relaxed and entertaining ambience, but also operates as a knowledge exchange space, with a special programme of events, including meetings, presentations and film screenings.

Joe Namy
Namy has spent part of his three-month residency in Dubai researching traditional song and dance, once used for ritual healing, and unique to the UAE. Namy’s performance, entitled Transfiguration, draws upon the parallels between these ritual dances and their rhythmic connections to contemporary electronic music. Transfiguration will be presented as a multi-media installation including a live performance at Art Dubai on Wednesday 20 March at 7PM on the Water Terrace.

Hind Bin Demaithan
From Cali with Love, a video blog reflecting her current practice and the experience of being away from her hometown of Dubai. Demaithan will be made present at the fair through cyber digital avatars, 3D and Second Life performances in which the viewer will be able to enact both the roles of director and spectator. The videos she’ll be posting are peepholes allowing viewers to see her practice on a weekly basis.

Yudi Noor
Inspired by his residency in the historic neighbourhood beside Dubai’s Creek, Forgotten in Quantum is a stage-like form that references the limbo of unobtainable desire induced by the advertising billboards and continual construction common in parts of the city.

Through his second installation, See You in Al Fahidi Maybe, Noor reinvents the character of a trading entrepreneur, who works one of the abraa boats in the Madinat Jumeirah waterways.

Dina Danish
An Audience in Hiding, is concerned with crowd dynamics and the perpetually changing architecture of Madinat Jumeirah’s Arena Hall. The work explores the dynamic relationship between the fair’s venue and its waves of visitors, who pour in for a variety of events throughout the year.

Danish’s second work, Now: Premiering A Large Area of Sea in 3D is brought about by the the booth-building process at the fair. Above the galleries located in the Arena Hall are rows of balcony seats, behind curtains, creating a hidden audience above the ‘real’ fair-going spectators. Danish attempts to reveal these hidden seats (or their audience) and—via the sea as a 3D cinematic moving image—give them another event to view.

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