Delfina Foundation was part of partnership to develop mobility between South East Europe, the United Kingdom and the Middle East & North Africa in 2009 and 2010.

As a process-oriented residency program, Accented created a unique opportunity for artists and curators from South East Europe, the UK and the Middle East & North Africa to critically reflect on their practice, with no obligation to produce any work. The initiative was administered through a unique relationship between six institutions: Platform Garanti CAC (Istanbul, Turkey), Vector Association (Iasi, Romania), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut, Lebanon), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt), Spike Island (Bristol, UK) and Delfina Foundation (London, UK.

Accented fostered research opportunities, supported artistic networking across partner institutions and their locations, and altogether increased mobility across the region.

Applicants applied to the network listing their preference host institution(s). A jury made up of representatives of each institution decided on the final selection of Accented applicants.

Artists selected for Accented 2009:

Ashkal Alwan: Ashkan Sepahvand (Iran) & Burak Delier (Turkey)
Delfina Foundation: Ala Younis(Jordan)
Platform Garanti CAC: Maha Maamoun (Egypt) & Vangelis Vlahos (Greece)
Spike Island: Gordana Nikolic (Serbia)
Townhouse Gallery: Sislej Xhafa (Kosovo) & Rosalind Nashashibi (UK)
Vector Association: Lina Mounzer (Lebanon)

Artists selected for Accented 2010:

Ashkal Alwan: Mohammad Allam (Egypt)
Delfina Foundation: Tayfun Serttas(Turkey)
Platform Garanti CAC: Iman Issa (Egypt) & Alina Popa / Irina Gheorghe (Romania)
Spike Island: Adnan Yildiz (Turkey)
Townhouse Gallery: Jawad Al Malhi(Palestine)
Vector Association:  Ayman Ramadan (Egypt)

Although the Accented Residency Network no longer functions, a legacy of the project has been the ongoing relationships shared by the six partners.  A blog of the project can be read here and Tayfun Serttas wrote about his residency experience online in ArteEast’s Winter 2012 Quarterly.