Delfina Foundation, The Otolith Group: In The Year Of The Quiet Sun, 2014. Public talk. Photo: Tim Bowditch.


This page provides a range of information for members of the public who may wish to attend an online or onsite event at Delfina Foundation.

For access information relating to our residency programmes, please refer to the specific documents accompanying the open call, or be in touch with our Director of Operations Gillean Dickie on or +44 (0)207 233 5344.


Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions on access with regards to our onsite or online events. Also, if there is something you know you need in advance in order to be able to visit our venue and/or participate in our events, please get in touch with our Director of Operations Gillean Dickie on or +44 (0)207 233 5344


We welcome feedback on the access information we provide here and on individual experiences of the accessibility of our public programmes. Please get in touch our Director of Operations Gillean Dickie on or +44 (0)207 233 5344

Information on this page


The public entrance to Delfina Foundation is preceded by four steps (11hx25w, 14hx25w, 15hx80w and 11hx30w cm). Beside the steps is a handrail. The width of the entrance door is 85cm.

During public events the door may be pinned open, or it may be left ‘on the latch’, requiring visitors to push it open. If the door is locked visitors may need to use the audio intercom to request entrance (located at 150cm on the wall outside the entrance door, above the fourth step). If a visitor is unable to use the intercom for any reason they should phone the office on +44 (0)207 233 5344. If for any reason we cannot hear the person on the other side of the phone or intercom we will always come to the door to check if someone requires assistance.

We understand that our main entrance makes access to the building impossible for many wheelchair users. Unfortunately, we do not own the land directly in front of the building so we cannot install a ramp of an appropriate gradient to mitigate the steps. We are looking into how we can improve the building access. In the meantime, if we can provide any other assistance to aid access please be in touch.

Public spaces in the building

The Delfina house is used for public events (ground floor and basement), as an office space for the team (floor 1), as a workspace for our UK associates, and as a residential space for our international residents (floor 2 and 3).

The majority of our on-site public events take place in the foyer, the dining room/event space (ground floor) and in our project space (basement, -1). Occasionally events use all floors of the house, such as open studios. We will provide more details regarding the accessibly of other spaces when such an event is announced.

The doorway between the foyer and the dining room is 89cm wide.


The general seating for events such as talks and workshops are armless chairs with a back. The seat heights are 45cm.

When seating is arranged in ‘lecture tyle’ for talks the first two seats as you enter, on the front row (with extra leg room), will always be reserved for those with access requirements.


There is a single all-gender disabled toilet located in the basement for visitors to Delfina Foundation. This bathroom also includes a sanitary bin.

Baby change

We currently do not have specific baby change facilities in the building.


The building includes a platform lift which can be used for visitor access between the ground floor and basement. The entrance to this lift is 90cm. This lift must be operated by a member of Delfina Foundation team who will be happy to offer assistance if approached.

Assistance animals

We welcome guide dogs, hearing and registered assistance dogs. Our team can provide a bowl of water on request.


Most events at Delfina Foundation are free of charge. On the rare occasion an event is charged, please be in touch if the cost of the ticket is an impediment to your attendance. Please also be in touch if you require a complementary ticket for a carer/companion.


At most of our onsite events we provide refreshments including water, soft drinks, and either tea or coffee or alcoholic beverages. Occasionally snacks will also be served. If you would like to make us aware of any allergies you have, please get in contact in advance or speak to a member of the team in-attendance.

Rest space

If you may require a rest space while attending one of our events, we are happy to provide this, but please be in touch in advance to discuss arrangements.


We document most events we hold. This includes photographic and/or video documentation. Images and videos may then be used on our social media, website, print materials and shared with press. Signage alerting guests about this are placed in the entrance of the building. If you do not wish to be captured, please speak with a member of team at the event or contact us in advance to let us know. Beyond the organisation’s own documentation, please be aware that we do allow guests to photograph and video onsite for their own purposes.

Content warnings

We will aim to give verbal or written content warning if a screening, event or artwork includes overt references of rape and sexual assault, suicide and self-harm, abuse, and gendered or racialised violence. If you wish to know more about the content of a work or event in advance, please get in touch.

Lights and flashing

We will provide written and/or verbal warning where we use flashing or strobing lighting or imagery will be used at any of our online or on-site events.

First aid

If you feel unwell or require medical assistance at any of our events, please alert a member of our team as soon as possible. The site does not include a defibrillator.

Captioning and audio description

Our events do not offer captioning or audio description as standard. If you require captions or audio description for any of our online/on-site events we may be able to provide this. Please get in touch at least a week in advance of the event to allow time for arrangements to be made.

British Sign Language

Our events do not offer BSL translation as standard. If you require BSL translation for any of our events we may be able to provide this. Please get in touch at least a week in advance of the event to allow time for arrangements to be made.

Getting here

By car
The is limited pay-by-phone on-street parking on Catherine Place. We have no private parking or disabled bay. Please note the area of land directly in front of the Delfina building is private and not owned by the foundation.

The nearest tube stations are: St. James Park (Circle and District lines) a 0.3 mile walk from Delfina Foundation; and Victoria (Victoria, Circle and District lines) a 0.2 mile walk from Delfina Foundation. At Victoria tube station you should take the Cardinal Place exit.

The nearest train station is Victoria which is a 0.5 mile walk from Delfina Foundation.

The nearest bus stops can be found on Victoria Street.

Black cabs are frequently found on the adjacent road, Palace Street. If you book a ride, please be aware there is no rear exit to our building onto Buckingham Mews, the only entrance/exit is on the corner of Catherine Place.

Catherine Place
Delfina Foundation is located on the corner of Catherine Place. This road has uneven pavements with occasional drop curbs. Please be aware that there is often scaffolding and domestic waste bags left on the pavements, reducing their width. If this may hinder your access to our building, please let us know in advance and we can discuss with you what we can do facilitate your visit.