Hear Delfina Foundation Director speak at Gasworks and the RCA


Culture, Capital and Residencies in the Middle East
Gasworks, London
10 January 2012, 19:00-18:30

Gasworks hosts the launch of ArteEast’s Residencies Initiative and the Residencies edition of their online Arte’Zine guest edited by Aaron Cezar (Director, Delfina Foundation). This discussion features critical remarks by Barrak Alzaid (Artistic Director, ArteEast) and Aaron Cezar alongside leading arts professionals from the Middle East, North Africa, Iran and the United Kingdom. The discussion will be moderated by Alessio Antoniolli (Director, Gasworks and Triangle Network). For more information on the programme and to download, please click here.

Risk, Power, Knowledge and Patronage
Royal College of Art, London
13 January 2012, 14:00-18:00

As part of Art & Patronage Summit: The Middle East, Delfina Foundation has organised a series of panel discussions on Risk, Power, Knowledge and Patronage at the Royal College of Art, featuring the participants in the Programme for Curatorial and Cultural Practitioners, alongside Anthony Downey (Sothebys Institute of Art), Livia Alexander (ArteEast), Kaelen Wilson-Goldie (independent writer and critic) and artist Zineb Sedira (/A.R.I.A/). For more information on the programme and to download, click here.