Farah Al Qasimi: Abort, Retry, Fail

04/10/2023 — 20/11/2023
Forthcoming exhibition

Studio Visit: Saba Khan

Reflections on water


Delfina Presents: Giana De Dier

Piecing together untold stories


Open call for artists based in Japan

Open call for curators based in Central and Eastern Europe

Open call for curators and cultural managers based in Argentina

Open call for Uruguayan Artists

Open call for artists based in Ecuador

Open call with Tate for Brooks International Fellowship Programme

In Conversation: Gelare Khoshgozaran and Eliel Jones

Exile as the condition of living


Studio Visit: Ana Bidart

Tracing time


Studio Visit: Sumi Kanazawa

Assembling a cosmic archive


Md Fazla Rabbi Fatiq

London: 21/08/2023 — 15/10/2023

Tzu-Tung Lee

Taiwan: 10/07/2023 — 24/09/2023