Paul Maheke and Melika Ngombe Kolongo (Nkisi), Sènsa, 2018. Courtesy Block Universe. Photo Manuela Barczewski.


With a focus on dance and through a varied and often collaborative body of work comprising performance, installation, sound and video, Paul Maheke considers the potential of the body as an archive in order to examine how memory and identity is formed and constituted.

Nkisi is the pseudonym of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, whose activities as a producer, live musician, DJ and curator are channels for an ongoing inquiry into sound as a tool of communication beyond the purely lingual.


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Sènsa is co-commissioned and co-presented by Abrons Arts Center and Performa.
Supported by Arts Council England, FUSED (French U.S. Exchange in Dance), and the Flemish Minister for Culture. This project has been selected and supported by the patronage committee for the arts of Fondation des Artistes. With additional help from ICA London. The first iteration of Sènsa was developed in collaboration with Block Universe.

Other participating artists, final weekend

Vivian Caccuri

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Vivien Sansour

Bo Zheng

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