Cooking Sections, CLIMAVORE On Tidal Zones, 2017. Photo Cooking Sections.


Cooking Sections  (Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe) is a duo of spatial practitioners based out of London. It was born to explore the systems that organise the world through food, using installation, performance, mapping and video, their research-based practice explores the overlapping boundaries between visual arts, architecture and geopolitics.

Cooking Sections was in-residence at Delfina Foundation in 2014, during the first season of Delfina Foundation’s Politics of Food thematic programme. 


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Read a conversation between the duo and Aaron Cezar, conducted in advance of the November programme, on My Art Guides.

Other participating artists, final weekend

Vivian Caccuri


Paul Maheke and Nkisi

Vivien Sansour

Bo Zheng

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