Autumn 2019 season to explore art, science and technology

Victoria Scott, Cloud Breath, 2017-18. Detail from VR Environment.

In autumn 2019, Delfina Foundation will launch a new theme that crosses art, science and technology to support interdisciplinary approaches which analyse, intervene and speculate on the world in which we live and its possible futures.

Building on the successes of previous thematic programmes including The Politics of Food and Collecting as Practice, this new recurrent programme seeks to create a focused environment to foster collaborations between artists, scientists and other experts, incubating ideas and supporting the development of new projects which can make a tangible impact on our lives.

The first season of this thematic programme will be shaped by the enquiries, interests and practices of our international residents and UK associates who have been selected from an open call issued in late 2018. Their diverse interests and approaches – spanning areas including emotional and digital culture, ecological crisis, and the impact of technology on social systems – will be brought together over the autumn season.

During this season the project space at Delfina will be transformed into a hub for public and private presentations, discussions and experimentation around the pressing issues of our times.

Participants include: Matterlurgy, Gary Zhexi Zhang, Nick Laessing, Salik Ansari, Victoria Scott, Kyriaki Goni, Jaro Varga, Jeppe Ugelvig and Benandsebastian.

This season is in partnership with Gaia Art Foundation.