F n’ F (Face and Fingers)


In Residence

Meet our current artists-in-residence

Sena Başöz

London: 09/01/2020 — 28/02/2020

Paul Setúbal

London: 06/01/2020 — 05/04/2020

Open Call for Sweden-based artists

Open Call for Taiwanese artists

Vacancy: Residency and Programmes Manager

Politics of Food

Our new book with Sternberg Press


Delfina Presents: Matterlurgy

Discussing air pollution and using virtual reality to tell its stories


Trust Issues

On art, decentralisation and emergent technocultures


From Our Archive

Noor Abuarafeh: Rumours Began Some Time Ago

Uncovering the story behind an archival photo

Residency Project

Delfina Presents: Liz Glynn

Presenting a performance that draws its imagery from the British Museum